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Does your program serve clients

who sometimes doubt themselves?

Most who are in job seeking mode struggle with having past failures haunt them. Whether it's:

  • getting laid off;laid off

  • job loss due to a company relocating;

  • making a mistake and getting fired; or

  • being a returning citizen and job seeking is daunting...


Struggling with the fear that can come from experiencing past failures is more common than people like to let on. Yet, it's real and those in job search mode need to be reassured that they can overcome these fears.

In this short eBook, Carolyn outlines 4 very important facts about fear and 3 compelling reasons to overcome past failures now, allowing the job search experience to be a great one, and to open more doors to getting the job.

Download it for yourself, your staff, your colleagues, or

give it as a gift to your clients and let's put the fear and 

self punishment that holds so many hostage where it belongs...

as lessons learned and behind us; truly in the past.


Pushing past fear and thoughts of past failures is the way

to get the job seeker success, as well as more success

towards every program's goals.

Download it for FREE Now!! Click the button below.


'Changing communities for the better, one community at a time.'

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of our new course,


NAC Consultants provides guidance to public and private organizations in training and workforce development.

Our services include solutions and best practices in achieving the  best results for workforce development programs. Our service communities include local government, community and technical colleges, chambers of commerce, One Stop Center and other community organizations.


Our in-depth assessments of your organization results in customized strategies specific to your organizations' goals. Our service will  guide you in resolving your economic and workforce development challenges. 

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"3 Key Factors to Comprehensive Services" by Carolyn Bledsoe


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