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Introducing the Course!!!  Click to Watch this Short Video. See below for more info.


Best Practices in Workforce Development is a hands-on approach to starting, enhancing or restructuring your workforce development/employment and training program.

Whether you are just starting your program, or are more established, the principles and strategies in this course will show you how to have better results - Best Practices Results. Results that will increase your visibility and ultimately present opportunities for new funding.


The course is divided into three sections with several modules in each section. For example, here are a few of the modules in the sections:

1)    Why There is a Need for Workforce Development Programs 
        •    Skills Gap
        •    Community Driven Approach
        •    And More

2)    Programmatic Structure
        •    Operations Management/Implementation
        •    And More

3)    Direct Service Components
        •    Case Management
        •    Tracking & Reporting
        •    Auditing
        •    And More


This course is comprised of videos, lectures and slides. It is applicable for any population group targeted to receive employment and training services. It is concise, yet comprehensive, filled with valueable content and actionable items to produce the best outcomes.


Once you begin the course and as you complete one module, you will be more than ready to jump into the next one. You will also receive added value with thought provoking quizzes that help in identifying 'aha' moments.

Learn more about the course 
Best Practices in Workforce Development

and Download Your Complimentary Copy of Carolyn's eBook

"The 3 Key Factors to Consider when Providing Comprehensive Services"


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This course is designed to give you every advantage in what you deliver. No matter the stage you are currently in, the principles and strategies in this course will show you how to create better results that will increase your visibility and ultimately present new funding opportunities that will add to the success and longevity of your program.

If you haven't done so already, download a copy of Carolyn's eBook "The 3 Key Factors to Consider When Providing Comprehensive Services". It is your new mini-guide to planning your workforce development program strategy. It's a great compliment to the course and course material.

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